We Are the Black Flag 🏴

To be bankless is to seek freedom. Freedom to do what you want to do — to be who you want to be. Throughout history, people have hoisted the black flag in the face of authoritarian rule. The black flag is a declaration of our intent to be free.  It is a symbol of our resolve. 

BanklessDAO was created to steward the bankless movement.  We fly the black flag as a beacon for all freedom seekers; to create a space for us to gather and grow.

  • We welcome all.  Country, creed, age, language, race, religion, gender, and everything else are secondary to our purpose.  As long as you seek freedom, BanklessDAO welcomes you.

  • We teach our ways.  With every person taught, we swell our ranks.  Our members are a rising tide, and a rising tide lifts all ships.

  • We are relentless.  Step by step, we pursue our mission.  Brick by brick, we build the means for others to follow.  When we fail, we take stock, make adjustments, and keep moving forward.

  • We value contribution.  Large or small, each contribution is a step closer to freedom.  Contribution is BanklessDAO’s true currency.

  • We are strong together.  Even when we can stand alone, we stand together.  When one of us falls, another steps up to carry the banner. When one of us flies, we all soar.

To be bankless isn’t a goal, it’s a way of life.  It is the decisions you make every day towards self-sovereignty.  Slow or fast, as long as you move towards freedom, you are bankless.  

And if you are bankless, you fly the black flag.  As a beacon.  As a symbol.  As a reminder.  The black flag is the pursuit of freedom, and the bankless always seek to live free.

We are the black flag.  Let’s fly! 🏴

Cover credit: Oscar Ivan Esquivel Arteaga on Unsplash

This article originally appeared in the BanklessDAO Weekly Rollup.

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